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Upscale your business.

Are you meeting your cost, inventory, and profit targets?

What we do is help organizations develop a  simple but very powerful systematic approach that eliminates non-value-added activities from any process and improves quality and performance/productivity.


For example, one of our clients, Apollo Sprayers HVLP, increased its profits by more than 100%, and doubled its production capacity with the same personnel, and a quarter of its inventory value. The training was easily paid for with the savings achieved from the project results.


The right plan according to the size of your company

Why hire a continuous improvement manager when you could have access to an entire team of Lean Six Sigma experts?

LSSI’s company training & coaching programs fulfill that role in the most effective way. 

All our programs include:

All the online training your company needs

Teaching materials

Implementation templates

Statistical and simulation software

Lean company assessment

Improvement project development

Problem-solving project development

Personalized implementation roadmap

All E-books included

Live Online 1-on-1 coaching (9 languages)

Not sure where to start?

Lean Six Sigma impacting your organization

Lean Six Sigma projects follow a tried-and-tested 5-step problem solving methodology (DMAIC) that will help you, your team and your organization deliver results that will impact the bottom line and drive customer satisfaction.

Following the Lean Six Sigma methods and tools, you will directly impact 6 drivers:

Solve as you learn

Experiential learning and practice are the best ways to understand how Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies deliver results. And what better way to do it than under the guidance of experienced, certified Master Black Bel.t coaches, helping you solve the real-life challenges your organization faces.

We will prepare your team members though a tailored training program to meet your needs and the value-added service of online coaching to ensure your organization’s Lean Six Sigma project’s success.

Depending on your company’s needs and preferences, LSSI’s experienced Master Black Belt coaches are available to provide expert input and direction at every step of project implementation.

Online training licenses for your team members and key personnel

Over 20 years of experience and proven results translated into practical tools, guidelines, and knowledge for your teams to master through training, while simultaneously tackling problems.


On-demand coaching sessions with a Master Black Belt

Live online coaching tailored to your specific needs and on a fixed schedule.

Implementation guidance

Selecting the right tools & methodologies that will decrease costs, increase profit, and improve quality in a timely manner.

Setting goals and targets and keeping you accountable

Visibility of overall performance and accurate monitoring of progress that enables versatility in execution and achievement of targeted goals.

Strategy development and definition

Accurate identification of a company’s “true north” based on its competitive advantages.

Ongoing support for continuous improvement cycles

Your success coach will help you establish and sustain a continuous improvement system that constantly anticipates problems and delivers positive results.

All the certification training your company needs

Establish a single business language that enables efficient teamwork. 

Train your team members for them to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to identify areas of opportunity, eliminate non-value-added activities, optimize resources, and improve performance and productivity.

Lean Management training and certification

For business owners and executives who design the future of the company.

White Belt training and certification

For everyone in the company to sustain a long-term continuous improvement culture.

Yellow Belt training and certification

For key employees responsible for process improvement in any type of company.

Green Belt training and certification

For key employees responsible for problem-solving and improving quality in any type of company and in any industry.

Black Belt training and certification

For leaders responsible for continuous improvement training and managing & implementing complex projects.

Master Black Belt training certification

For subject matter experts in the Lean Six Sigma philosophy, methodology, and tools.


Trusted by top companies around the globe


“Hiring LSSI was the best action we could have taken as a company. We are consistently delivering product in 2 to 3 days that once took 3 weeks, we increased capacity by 100%, and our inventory is substantially lower.”

John Darroch , CEO
Apollo Sprayers International, Inc.

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